Stop Making New Year Resolutions and Please Get A Life!

January is the time of the year when we all start making plans of what we want to achieve professionally, socially, and how much calories some of us wanna loose.

But let’s face it; none of them gets accomplished, and all we do is repeat the process in the next year.

First of all, just because a digit has changed, nothing is going to swap overnight. No, I am not discouraging you in any way, its a reality check before I get started on how some of you can stick to your goals without worrying about whether they are going be accomplished this year, or not.

Let’s take the materialistic goals for an example, you want that amazing car or the latest iPhone or want to switch your boring job this year? Great!

But how a change in the calendar year is going to help you get that?
You need to work hard on yourself to get that. Whether it is January 1st or July 20th, you are never late to quit a job and find a new one that excites you to be there for 9 hours. It is going to be difficult for sure, and you may feel terrible while struggling, but at least you finally have started following your heart, and that is the halfway of being happier than you were before!

Secondly, new year resolutions are for those who just want to comfort their self-esteem that they might be achieving something before the year ends.

Here are some more tips if you don’t want to feel like a loser:

Stop Saving Money!

Yes, you don’t need a stupid money-saving plan to achieve financial goals instead, you can set your monthly budget, which in fact, is a great way to save for your materialistic goals!

The more you want, the more you gain!

Here, I am talking about your weight. The more you will stress about losing weight till a certain period of time, the more your mind will tell you to eat. Eat as much as you can, but try to mix it with more healthy stuff, and exercise to balance fitness and stress altogether. Common Be like Joey Tribbiani! 

Don’t be Harsh on Yourself!

Just because you have made some stupid resolutions on 31st, does not mean you have to punish yourself by stressing over the small failures. Take one thing at a time, and see how far you have reached by the end of this year.

Well, FYI new year resolutions are made to get failed just like most of the trips with our best friends. I would rather suggest you stick to what you want as a long term goal and work hard to get that no matter how many years it takes, you have got to enjoy everything that comes your way!

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