For Men who Are Not Speaking Up On #Metoo Movement, Wake Up!


It is about the society where you are going to raise your daughters!

I was at my office, having a conversation about the latest storm of #metoo movement in India. While all of us, “the women tribe” were having a serious conversation about how each of us has been struggling with such situations be it sexual harassment, economic and domestic violence. It was great that we could now open our mouths that have been shut for a very long time but suddenly, I noticed some of my male colleagues making fun of our conversation.
We did not ask them to join us anyway, but the comments were shameful and harsh. One of them said, “Oh look now every woman will ask for sympathy, these women just need a topic to get the attention. I mean why were they working with the man? This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt to get more work”. That hit me hard.  I couldn’t reply to the comment, but they made me realize why this hurricane is still not working in favour of women in the other industries. Why only Bollywood has always been in the limelight for such cases?
I recently read an interview with a famous actress who said why this #Metoo movement is not going to work in a country Like India. She simply put her words into one sentence “Men needs to be fearless about their stories and support too” Is it only about the woman?

 A country, where women are materialised, it is hard to expect men coming out from their cocoon and supporting their friend, wife or any lady they have been working with. No wonder why a legend like Amitabh Bachchan gave a shocking reply on the topic. He might be thinking of staying away from any controversies as it is none of his business.
 Now, here is when you get to see the double standards of such powerful personalities who never use their positions for the society.
While on one hand, he is doing a movie like PINK and writing an open letter to his granddaughters about how they should be fearless in a male-oriented society, and on the other hand, he is not even raising an opinion on the whole issue.
 Men who think that their voice against any kind of harassment will destroy their image of being the “dominant” gender should understand that it is not about the women being harassed, or women being victims, but it is against the people who use their positions to harass a person who is less powerful or have no back up with him or her.
 It is about a disgusting mentality where a person can harm your self-confidence without even realizing or fearing the consequences. Anybody, who knows about the #metoo movement is aware of how amazingly men have supported the victims of sexual harassment or mental harassment in the US, and how fairly they have treated the people found guilty no matter how influential the person was. They just flushed out such people and cleaned the entire system by voicing their opinion.
Whether you have been harassed or not, you know atleas one person who has been through the trauma. For the sake of that person or for the sake of your own dignity, you as a man need to stand up against it.

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